Scoring the Electrifying Sale – The Savvy Shopper’s manual for Buying a Tesla

Oh the search for Teslas that are used! It’s like trying to find a pin hidden in a haystack containing cars that aren’t as exciting or as rare as only used tesla. You’ll discover that getting your hands on an older Tesla will feel like you are joining a very exclusive club. Don’t let anyone fool you, joining the club doesn’t involve a secret handshaking. Although that would be pretty cool. You will need savvy purchasing skills and an eye for fine detail.

The elephant in the room is price. Teslas, the Guccis of the auto industry, are a hot commodity. But they’re not affordable to everyone. The best option is to purchase used. It’s similar to finding designer clothes in a second-hand shop.

Now, let’s move on to battery health. It is the single most important feature of any electric auto (EV). Perhaps you should think twice before purchasing a battery as tired and worn-out as yourself after Thanksgiving. The battery may not be as energetic as your toddler during Halloween but if it is, then you might have a winner. Check your battery regularly.

Warranty coverage is crucial. If you still have some warranty left on your old bad boy, then you can use this to unlock a level in any video game. Repairs could put a strain on the wallet.

Model variations are the key. Tesla’s car updates are faster than the update of our phones. You’ll need to do some detective work and learn the model, features, and specifications of each car before you buy it. You may need autopilot. Do you prefer a sound system? What ticks your boxes?

No one ever said it, but price is a favorite of mine. The used Tesla cars market is as unpredictable as my grandma’s mood swings. Prices spike for a few moments, but then plummet just like my internet when I’m using Zoom. Always be on the lookout and alert for specials. Occasionally, they’ll appear.

When you purchase from a private seller or a dealer who is not affiliated with a manufacturer, it may seem like you are walking through sand. Request the maintenance logs. Consider hiring a professional to perform an EV inspection.

While the hunt for Teslas is not easy, it can be an exciting adventure. It will take more patience and negotiation skills than the barbeque knife my uncle uses to cook my aunt’s lasagna.

In all seriousness though, snagging yourself a pre-owned Tesla can be one of those pat-yourself-on-the-back moments. The car is an electric one. Not only do you join a progressive community, but also a group of sustainability-minded people. The gem you find will be priceless.

The Tesla you use will allow you to enjoy silent electric power every mile, without draining your wallet. Happy hunting.

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