Downey Event Rentals: From Party Panic to Magic

Downey Party Rental, Oh! Have you ever had a big party? Or even thought about throwing one, then you already know how it works. Imagine yourself dreaming of a party that is Instagram-worthy, complete with Pinterest-inspired setups. It’s a shock when reality strikes: you can’t find the 50 chairs to match or a tent to look like it was built to withstand a hurricane. Visit us!


Downey Party is not your usual party supply store. Like the fairy goddess of party planning, this place has everything you need. You don’t need a magic wand to make your party pumpkin into an elegant carriage.

Let’s begin with the inventory. Imagine Aladdin’s cave but with all the party supplies you could ever want. Do you want tables that won’t wobble at all? Check. Did you know that linens come in colors other than the ones listed above? Double check. You can also find decorations.

Downey is best known for his people. The people don’t see you just as another number. It’s like having your very own party planning crew, who are willing to go into battle with you. Are you having a crisis of confidence because Auntie Mildred just decided that her book club will be attending? There’s nothing to worry about. No problemo.

But I can hear you all saying, “But my event must be environmentally friendly!” You’re right, it is! Renting can be as eco-friendly as possible without having to host your event in the middle of a real forest. Each time you opt to rent, rather than purchase items for your party, there are fewer things that end up on landfills once everyone has realized they cannot fit in 50 folding chairs into their apartment.

Downey has a process that runs smoother than the dance moves of my uncle Joe after he’s had his third cup of punch. Everything from picking what you need, to having it all delivered in time on the day of your wedding is handled with such wizardry you’d wonder if there’s some kind of hidden time-turner.

We shouldn’t overlook flexibility because, when it comes to planning an important event, life can throw you curveballs. Change in guest count? Do you suddenly feel that the colors of your choice could bring an ancient curse upon you? Did I do it? It doesn’t matter which way you look at it, people are adapting faster to my password than my niece.

Downey Party is the unsung leader behind successful parties where everyone has a good time and there are no coolers to be found (unless it’s your theme, in which case we don’t judge).

Downey Party Hire is both compass, and crew to make sure you don’t get stuck on Deserted Boredom Beach or crash into Iceberg Awkward Stillness.

So much less stress! And more festivities! While strolling the streets of Melbourne, enjoy not only what you see but what’s beneath.

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